Toward a New Literary Archives:

Recovering Marginalized Texts, Authors, and Cultures,

from Medieval Persian Poetry to the Expanded Star Wars Universe


Curatorial Projects


Elizabeth Alvarez-Mize, Montana Clark, & Jessica Penzner

Title TBD

Ross Brummet, Susan Farrukh, & Anastasia Prinzing

Hungry for a New Type of Hero

Mariah Aguinaldo-Rios, Ashley Aminian, Allie Turner, & Maggie Vasquez

Something Other-Worldly:

An Evolution of Escapism

Dru Felix, Robert Fragoso, & 

Patrick Lewis

Mind the Gap

Rodaba Ghaussi, Cesar Osuna,

Modje Taavon, & Katie Wolf

Finding the Forgotten Ones: Reclaiming Objects of the Past for and about the Historically Marginalized

Albert Adame, Maria Arienza,

Jose Farias, & Krishna Narayanamurti